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Welcome to Eveni Restaurant

We are very pleased that you have made your way to our website and we look forward to seeing you soon to enjoy our delicious meals. All our meals are freshly prepared from our kitchen using the finest and freshest ingredients. Our meats are the best quality money can buy with all of the fat trimmed to make it lean and healthy. All our servings are generous and include mouth-watering mains, Breakfast, Light meals, From the Sea, Pizza, Salads, Drinks and deserts.


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To give you a wide variety, we feature different lunchtime specials every week. Our Lunch-menu is extensive, interesting, healthy and generally of a lighter nature. We do however offer a Dinner menu all day long for our die-hard customers. From time to time, we also include special dishes on our dinner menu so be sure to check back regulary.

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Eveni Restuarant