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Al-Qaeda (I'll cater)

This means "I'll Cater." These are self-catering bedrooms boasting quality and are fully equiped with top brand kitchen Equipment to allow you to be the chef yet still having the best comfort around town. The Eveni Restaurant Chef is also available to cook for you on a bad day.

With far more space than an ordinal Guest House Room, our condiminium-sized suites provide you with plenty of a room to stretch out and relax. Each suite includes a fully equiped kitchen and dinning area, ensuite laundry facilities, Wndiws that open , and complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access.

D-lux rooms

This is "The Luxury." Our Deluxe bedrooms are a personal private palace. These rooms scream ROYALTY .Three C's describe the deluxe rooms.Celestial. Class.Comfort.

In addition to the spacious comfort of our Premiere One-Bedroom Suite, our Premiere Executive King Suite provides you with a den, a second bathroom and business essentials. The luxurious appointed Premiere King Suite features soothing warm colors, beautiful dark woods and many other amenities to ensure your stay is a memorable one.

This means "Cater me." These are the standard rooms at the guest house oozing comfort and status. All TV's are installed with DSTV and numerous channels available, private comfort and couch and table, "serve yourself tea and coffee," top quality LED TV's for watching or use with your laptop for a better viewing experience.

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