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Eveni Guest House

Eveni Guest House and Restuarant is a place to sleep, meet, rest and eat. Boasting of comfort and leisure, this is indeed a place to be. It is located in a quiet and peaceful area in the heart of Mbabane(Capital City of Swaziland) on the western end of the Central business district, just near the Golf Course Estate at Eveni Township; about 20 minutes walk to the centre of the city. There are several signs along to road providing directions to this leisure House and restaurant.

Our Culture

We maintain a culture of good customer service. We obey the laws of the land, business ethics and moral standards. We cultivate daily, the ethos of excellence, open communication, collaboration and prompt action within the work environment in dealing with our customers and partners. We value our staff, our customers, our clients and suppliers. We aim to maintain our competitive prices while we continue to provide the best service to our customers with respect.

Our Bedrooms
Eveni Restuarant